Monday, May 21, 2018

3 (& 2 and 3/4) Years Update

2 3/4 Years
3 Years
You're 3 years old! (And yes, this is also your 2 and 3/4 years update.)
June 21
June 24
You had a 3 year check-up and weighted 26 lbs (6th%ile) and were 37 inches tall (47th%ile). You're wearing a mix of 2t and 3t clothes and size 7 shoes.
June 24
July 1
Starting with favorites, while you still love Elsa (and will randomly start singing "Let it go, Let it go, Hold it back anymore" or "Do you want to build a snowman? It has to be a snowman. Ok, bye"), you've started becoming obsessed with the movie Sing. It started out with watching the songs on Youtube, but lately if given the choice you'd prefer to watch Sing over Frozen.
July 14
July 16
You still loving playing with your kitchen and enjoy taking care of your Bitty baby. You love building things (in order it's probably Duplos, Magnatile, then Megablocks). You love playing with playdough and love coloring. You still enjoy stories, although it's not quite the obsession with reading books over and over that it once was.
July 30
August 5
As for exciting firsts, you had your first swimming lessons over the summer. You also played tball in the fall and will be playing soccer in the spring. I had your first parent teacher conference which went quite well. While they said you still lacked scissor skills, you meet every other skill on the checklist. They did say that you wanted to know what everyone was doing and liked telling people what to do. (Taking after me apparently!)
September 7
September 13
Speaking of school, your best friends there are I and N. Every morning N runs up to you and gives you a hug, and apparently you and I talk so much they had to separate you so you'd eat your lunch. You also got to play tball with your friend O, and spent most of the games either holding hands or running around the outfield together.
unnamed (2)
October 15
October 16
As for a few tiny things I don't want to forgot... I love how you say berry-foot instead of barefoot. I love how you get so excited to see Bear and times that you'll run over and give him a hug saying, "squeeze-ies." We recently taught you to take turns while talking, so now whenever we get into the car and Daddy and I start talking, you chime in "When you're done talking, I'm going to talk." You love going to Zizzos (aka Izzos) for burritos, even if it's just because they have fruit snacks with the kids meals.
October 24
October 31
You are at such a fun age, although a bit exhausting at times. It's so crazy to think that you're 3 whole years ago and just realize once again, how quickly time is flying by.
November 8
December 2
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Monday, April 2, 2018

12 (& 11 & 10) Months Update

10 Months
You're one year old!
11 Months
Which means yes, this is a combined 12 and 11 and 10 months update.
12 Months
But at least I managed to take a photo each month, so I'm on top of something?
July 29
At your 12 month visit you were 27.4 inches long (1st%ile). You weighed 15 lbs 6 ozs (0%ile). Your head circumference was 44 cm (3rd%ile).
August 4
You're wearing a mix of 6 and 9 month clothes. Pants are the hardest to fit because 6 month is basically too short, but 9 month is way to long in the waist. No actual shoes yet for a size there, but you are still wearing size 3 diapers.
August 5
Overall it's taken you some time to really be a fan of food. But you're starting to come around. I will say that we can always count on you to each oranges and pieces of chicken. Because of this I wasn't sure how you'd do eating cake at your birthday party, but you dove right in and devoured every piece you could.
August 19
You're still on bottles, although recently you've shown us you're willing to drink milk from a zoli bot straw cap. So there is a hope we can switch for the future. I do think the hardest part of the switch for you has to be the temperature since you like your bottles scalding hot.
September 16
You're not walking yet, instead you're happy to cruise along furniture or use your walker. I think you probably could walk if you wanted to, but you have more important things to do.
September 30
You haven't had your first word yet, but you are a pretty awesome clapper. Also recently you've started waiving and giving high fives.
October 3
You love playing in Kaylee's kitchen, chewing or banging various pieces of food. Although I will say you received a little yellow chair for your birthday and that's starting to become your favorite.
October 5
It's so crazy how fast this year has flown by. It's funny though because you seem so much younger than your sister did at one. Maybe because part of me wants to keep you a baby forever? But I do see glimpses of your personality coming through and I can't wait to see how it develops. Just not quite yet though!
October 14
Here's a comparison with your sister at 10, 11, and 12 months.
10 Months
11 MonthsIMG_5156
11 Months
12 MonthsIMG_5238
12 months
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