Monday, March 27, 2017

4 Months Update

4 Months
You're 4 months old! (And even more impressive, I'm managing to write this update somewhat on time, but we'll see when it actually gets posted.)
January 29
You are 23.6 inches long (5th%ile), weigh 10 lbs 1 oz (0%ile), and have a head circumference of 39.5 cm (2nd%ile).
February 1
You're still wearing 3 months clothes and size 1 diapers.
February 5
You continue to be one of the most content babies out there. You're pretty smiley. When I get dressed in the morning I have you laying down on the floor and you'll just smile back at me as I'm getting reading. You'll even laugh when someone tickles your stomach which is one of the most adorable things ever.
February 10
You're getting pretty good with your hands bringing everything to your month. You're even coordinated enough to bring your bebe back to your month after it drops out. And despite your Daddy insisting on keeping your hanging car seat toy on the left side of the handle we've yet to see a preference to being left handed.
February 14
You've managed to roll over from your back to stomach. (February 12th was the first time.) It isn't necessarily consistent but it's happened a handful of times.
February 17
It's funny when your sister started daycare she was the youngest by several months and then the next oldest babies were several months younger. Not the case this time around! Most of the babies are right around your age, with two even having older sisters who are friends with your big sister. But even though you may not be the youngest, you are still the smallest just like her!
February 21
You're definitely getting more and more curious about the world around you! And there's so much still to discover. Knowing how quickly your sister has grown up we're going to blink and you'll be running around the house, so I'm trying to savor the last bit of time while you're still so teeny tiny.
February 23
Of course for comparison, here's a look at your sister at 4 months as well.
Elley at 4 Months

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

3 (& 2) Months Updates

3 Months
You're 3 months old!
2 Months
Which means I've officially missed writing your 2 months update, so here we are writing a mix of a the two.
November 29
At your 2 month visit you were 22 inches long (13th%ile), weighed 8lbs 14 oz (2nd%ile), and had a head circumference of 38 cm (9th %ile). You're wearing a mix of newborn and 3 months clothing and size 1 diapers.
December 10
You really have seemed to figure things out over the past 2 months and have become the chillest baby. Even your daycare teacher (which you started the day you turned 3 months, and is the same teacher your sister had) says your the calmest baby she's seen. Pretty much as long as you can see people you're content. In the morning as I'm getting ready for the day I have you laying down on the floor and you're perfectly fine just waiting for me.
December 14
You're a pretty smiley baby, not that I can always capture them on camera. And the day I'm writing this (1/28) you actually laughed for the first time.
December 19
You slept through the night the first time a few days before turning 2 months. After that it took a while for it to get consistent, but in the past 2 weeks it's rare that you're awake before I wake you up to start getting ready for work.
December 24
You have no problem taking a bottle and normally have 4 3.5 ounce bottle during the day. You'll nurse once when I get home from work, at bedtime, and in the morning. (Unless there's a rogue 4 am wake-up.)
January 1
You'll pretty consistently roll over from belly to back, and while you can't quite get there the other way, you're close, getting from your back to your side.
January 17
Clearly though I've already failed at making your monthly updates as consistent as your big sisters', but I have managed the photos, which means we can compare the difference between the two of you at two and three months.
2 Months OldIMG_4786
Elley at 2 Months
3 MonthsIMG_4910
Elley at 3 Months
And hopefully I'll be back a month from now to share how you're doing at 4 months!
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Monday, January 2, 2017

24 Months Update

2 Years Old
24 Months
You're 2 years old!
Junes 24
How on earth did that happen?!?! I find it so hard to believe that you're not really a baby anymore and are becoming a full-fledged big kid. Although to be honest, no matter how old you get you'll still be one of Mommy's babies.
July 1
First, a few official stats. You weigh 20 lbs and 4 ozs (0.18%ile) and are 33 inches tall (33%ile). Your head circumference is 47 cm (35%ile). You're wearing a mix of 12 months and 18 months clothes. You're wearing size 4 shoes.
July 14
So much has happened since the last time I managed to write a monthly update. We had to evacuate the house you lived in your entire life due to a crazy flood. We moved in with your Nana and Pappi for 2 months. You moved out of a crib, although technically a packnplay at that time. We moved into our new house. You became a big sister when your little brother entered the world. And even though a lot of this stuff we couldn't prepare you for, you've transitioned just fine, still sleeping through the night even!
July 18
You're speaking really well and get your point across. In general, they aren't complete sentences, but there are a few phrases you'll say. Things like, "Mommy sit by me," or "Elley do it."
August 8
You definitely have an opinion on your likes and dislikes. Mornings can seem to take forever as you say no to each item of clothing or each breakfast option.
Dressed up for children's services.
October 12
Continuing on likes, your favorite foods are french fries, cheese, broccoli, and like a true Cajun girl anything with rice (gumbo, red beans, chilli,...). Your favorite tv shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and A,B,C,D (otherwise known as Wheel of Fortune). You received a bunch of kitchen toys for your birthday, which you're loving. Other favorite toys to play with are (mega)blocks and Legos (Duplos technically). You love helping Daddy cook in the kitchen and always want to "stir it around." You're also becoming a child of the twenty-teens and love looking through Instagram to see pictures of babies or watching videos on youtube.
Going trick-or-treating. #happyhalloween
October 31
As I mentioned to start with, you recently became a big sister. You love your little brother and the first thing you make sure of when I get you up every morning is where your brother is. Each morning as I drop you off at daycare you give him a hug and a kiss before heading into your classroom. But while you might like him, you aren't a huge fan of him having time with Mommy. While you've always been a bit of a Daddy's girl, the fact that Bear spends time nursing with Mommy means that you also need Mommy at that exact second, but that's starting to get better.
November 14
Speaking of relationships, you're starting to make friends. The first of your friends from school you mention are much to Daddy's dismay, boys, N and A. But of the girls you'll mention C and MC. At your Hanukkah party at school I had more than one parent tell me that their kids talk about you enjoy playing with you. Hopefully that friendliness continues as you get older.
November 19
I absolutely love the age you are now. Don't get me wrong, there are temper tantrums and life is exhausting, but I wouldn't want it an other way. I love your little voice and the phrases you say and want to be able to freeze time and always remember you this way.
Building a House
November 27
1 Month Old2 Months OldIMG_3341
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