Monday, January 2, 2017

24 Months Update

2 Years Old
24 Months
You're 2 years old!
Junes 24
How on earth did that happen?!?! I find it so hard to believe that you're not really a baby anymore and are becoming a full-fledged big kid. Although to be honest, no matter how old you get you'll still be one of Mommy's babies.
July 1
First, a few official stats. You weigh 20 lbs and 4 ozs (0.18%ile) and are 33 inches tall (33%ile). Your head circumference is 47 cm (35%ile). You're wearing a mix of 12 months and 18 months clothes. You're wearing size 4 shoes.
July 14
So much has happened since the last time I managed to write a monthly update. We had to evacuate the house you lived in your entire life due to a crazy flood. We moved in with your Nana and Pappi for 2 months. You moved out of a crib, although technically a packnplay at that time. We moved into our new house. You became a big sister when your little brother entered the world. And even though a lot of this stuff we couldn't prepare you for, you've transitioned just fine, still sleeping through the night even!
July 18
You're speaking really well and get your point across. In general, they aren't complete sentences, but there are a few phrases you'll say. Things like, "Mommy sit by me," or "Elley do it."
August 8
You definitely have an opinion on your likes and dislikes. Mornings can seem to take forever as you say no to each item of clothing or each breakfast option.
Dressed up for children's services.
October 12
Continuing on likes, your favorite foods are french fries, cheese, broccoli, and like a true Cajun girl anything with rice (gumbo, red beans, chilli,...). Your favorite tv shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and A,B,C,D (otherwise known as Wheel of Fortune). You received a bunch of kitchen toys for your birthday, which you're loving. Other favorite toys to play with are (mega)blocks and Legos (Duplos technically). You love helping Daddy cook in the kitchen and always want to "stir it around." You're also becoming a child of the twenty-teens and love looking through Instagram to see pictures of babies or watching videos on youtube.
Going trick-or-treating. #happyhalloween
October 31
As I mentioned to start with, you recently became a big sister. You love your little brother and the first thing you make sure of when I get you up every morning is where your brother is. Each morning as I drop you off at daycare you give him a hug and a kiss before heading into your classroom. But while you might like him, you aren't a huge fan of him having time with Mommy. While you've always been a bit of a Daddy's girl, the fact that Bear spends time nursing with Mommy means that you also need Mommy at that exact second, but that's starting to get better.
November 14
Speaking of relationships, you're starting to make friends. The first of your friends from school you mention are much to Daddy's dismay, boys, N and A. But of the girls you'll mention C and MC. At your Hanukkah party at school I had more than one parent tell me that their kids talk about you enjoy playing with you. Hopefully that friendliness continues as you get older.
November 19
I absolutely love the age you are now. Don't get me wrong, there are temper tantrums and life is exhausting, but I wouldn't want it an other way. I love your little voice and the phrases you say and want to be able to freeze time and always remember you this way.
Building a House
November 27
1 Month Old2 Months OldIMG_3341
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Friday, December 16, 2016

A Novel of Marlene Dietrich

Marlene by C.W. Gortner
: December 16, 2016 by William Morrow (An imprint of Harper Collins)
I remember the first book I read by Gortner (The Last Queen, almost 7 years ago!). From that first book, I've loved everything I've read by him. What stood out to me about that first book was that while it was about a time period I was familiar with, it told the story of a historical character I knew little about. Basically I knew enough about the topic to be excited, but there was still an element of surprise. I'm excited to say, once again, that was the case with Marlene.

Here you get to meet Marlene Dietrich, a German actress who became a Hollywood star in the 1930s and 1940s. If you're more cultured than me, you probably know who she was, but until I picked up the book she was one I hadn't heard of. Although there are a ton of characters mentioned that I was familiar with (John Wayne, Ernest Hemmingway, Bette Davis, and more) and it was fun recognizing all the cameos. With that said, I'm sure there are a ton more I didn't get the significance of.

I've read a lot about WWII, but I can't remember reading anything else with such a take on it. Marlene is German but also American, and it's really interesting seeing her grapple with the Germany she loved growing up and the horrors of what it became.

This is the 5th book I've read by Gortner, and each time I've loved what I've read. There's still a few of his I haven't gotten to, but it's only because there isn't enough time in each day.


Disclosure: I was provided this book through TLC Book Tours. All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1 Month Update

1 Month
You're 1 month old!
October 27
It's crazy how quickly this month has gone by. I thought time flew by with your big sister, but it's going by so much faster this time. I'm guessing because with her I could basically just sit and stare at her, whereas this time there is so much else going on that you're basically around for the ride.
Going trick-or-treating. #happyhalloween
October 31
But before we get into more detail, here's a few official stats. You weigh 8 lbs 5 ozs (10th%ile). You are 21.26 inches long (28th%ile). Your head circumference is 37 cm (18th%ile).
November 2
You're still wearing newborn clothes, although we moved up to size 1 diapers about 2-ish weeks ago since you were soaking through them. (I've yet to bring out the cloth diapers, but I'm hoping you get to experience them soon.) And while it isn't an official stat, I will say everyone keeps talking about how big your hands and feet are.
We're out of the world. 🌜⭐️💫
November 4
Knowing how well your sister slept I was sure we were in for it with you, but so far, so good. Your bedtime is 7:30 the same as your big sister, so when Daddy puts her to sleep I get to hang out with you. You're waking up 2 times at night, normally around 1 and 4am. Although there were a handful of times you slept through the 1am feeding and it was glorious. I'm hopeful that it will become far more of a regular occurrence soon!
Our votes have officially been cast! #election2016
November 8
You seem to be a big fan of being held upright. You have pretty good control of your head and overall seem pretty strong. You've even managed to roll over from stomach to back once so far.
November 15
As for firsts, well, I guess everything is new for you. You've celebrated your first Halloween (dressing up like an LSU football player) and Thanksgiving. You attended our first birthday party when your cousin turned 7. Sadly you weren't quite big enough to join a laser tag game, but those days are coming. You went out to dinner for the first time at Acme Oyster Houses celebrating your Nana's birthday.
November 17
Being our second time on the journey I know how quickly everything changes, so for now I'm really just trying to savor all of those tiny baby snuggles.
November 20
Birth Story

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Baby Bear's Birth Story

There's so many things I want to catch up on from the past few months. Of course the most important of all is Bear's birth story. It's already been over a month since he was born, and I know I've forgotten details, so I want to make sure to get this written down now before I forget anything else!
28 Weeks
28 Weeks - The Last Bump Photo from Our Old House
With Elley I didn't dilate until I went into labor, which happened on my due date, so I assumed things would be similar this time. At my 39 week appointment, not too surprisingly, I still hadn't dilated at all. They scheduled an induction for when I'd be 41 weeks and 4 days, but I was sure I wouldn't get anywhere near that.

We got to my due date, and I was pretty sure I'd go into labor, but it didn't happen. I'd feel contractions randomly, especially at night, but nothing consistent. Each night I'd feel contractions before bed and think maybe I'll be woken up in the middle of the night. But instead, somewhat depressingly, each morning I'd wake up and realize I was heading into work.

I went to my 41 weeks appointment and again, still no progress. At this point I was still really hoping I'd go into labor over the weekend. I absolutely loved my birth with Elley and was really afraid of what would happen with an induction. I was sure my labor would be long and hard, that I'd need an epidural to cope with the pain, that I wouldn't progress, and I'd wind up needing a c-section. Talk about thinking the worst possible outcome!

Of course my induction date arrived without me going into labor. We called the hospital at 2am to make sure they had room and then left the house to arrive at 3am. (Elley stayed with my mother and father-in-law since we knew we'd be leaving in the middle of the night.)
Last Bump Shot
One Last Bump Shot Before Heading to the Hospital
Funny enough when we got to the hospital the guy at the security check-in desk was one of the boy's former students. Then as we walked back to our room we ran into one of the boy's baseball teammates. We made it to our room and they went through all their questions, started an iv, and of course checked me. I still wasn't dilated at all, so it seemed like we were in for a long day. My doctor was planning on coming by between 7 and 8 to break my water, so we guessed the baby would arrive around early afternoon.

Around 4 or 4:30, the nurse came in to start the pitocin. She also realized that she hadn't positioned my monitor correctly, so the machine wasn't tracking contractions. Once that was repositioned she realized that even without the pitocin in my system I was already contracting fairly regularly. She came back to once or twice more, each time contractions were getting closer together. At one point I remember her saying they were around 5 minutes apart.

Around 6:30 I had two nurses rush in fairly concerned since the baby's heart rate had dropped. They checked me again, and I was already 4 centimeters. Almost halfway there in barely two hours! They asked me how quickly my delivery went with Elley, and hearing that along with how quickly things had already gone they seemed, not quite concerned, but definitely surprised at how quickly things were developing.

Around 20 minutes later, around 6:50, they came in again. They asked me to let them know when I started feeling the urge to push and they'd check me again. I didn't want them to check me and be disappointed by my progress, but before they left again, I thought it might be better if they checked. Good thing too since I was at a 9, with a bulging bag of water.

They called my doctor to let her know she needed to be there know. She was a little confused at first at who they were calling about. After all, I arrived at 3am, not dilated at all, and now not even 4 hours later I was practically ready to go. She told them she was getting dressed and would be there shortly, and the nurses turned the pitocin off since clearly I didn't really need anymore.

You could tell at this point the nurses started getting worried. They started getting everything set up and the baby nurses arrived. At one point the nurse in charge told the other that if the baby started coming to call a certain code and everyone would rush to the room. They told me not too push, which I did my best at, but wasn't the easiest. It was one of those times while trying not to push that I felt my water break. The nurses called my doctor again, who said she'd be there shortly.

Around 7:20 my doctor made it to the room. They already had everything set up and ready to go, so she basically walked over to me and told me to start pushing. Barely 10 minutes later at 7:30, Bear made his way into the world! (Coincidentally Elley was born at 7:42 in the morning, almost the exact same time.)
Everything is little blurry from this point on. I do remember the doctor holding him up asking me to check the gender. While I was holding him I remember asking the doctor if I could see my placenta. I was a little disappointed I never got to see it with Elley, and wanted to be sure that didn't happen this time.

It's funny after Elley's birth, I was sure that another could never be nearly as picture perfect, but once again I had a pretty amazing birth experience, so much so that I can't call one better, they were equally amazing. I managed to deliver without an epidural each time, which I'm really proud about. With Elley I did receive a stadol, a narcotic, so while I didn't have an epidural I felt like I couldn't quite say I delivered naturally as silly as it may sound. But now I can officially say I did deliver naturally, which I think is pretty awesome.

For anyone who did manage to make it through this far, here's your reward with a few more photos from our hospital stay.
{955861eb-df2b-48f4-8838-d44fdb9b7eef}_5< IMG_1969
Heading Home From the Hospital

Monday, November 28, 2016

It's a Boy

I'm happy to announce that last month, on October 24, 2016, the boy and I welcomed our son into the world. He weighted 7 lbs and was 20.5 inches long.
Similar to how Elley's blog name is a play on Louisiana, his name comes from the state as well. I'll be calling him, B.R., written as Bear, as an abbreviation on Baton Rouge. I have lots more to update on, so I'll be back soon with more!

Monday, September 5, 2016

After the Storm

I know my blogging has been sporadic at best this past year. Most often it's just been that life has gotten in the way and I haven't taken the time to blog. I wish I could say that was the case once again.

As you may have seen on the news, three weeks ago Louisiana experienced historic flooding. Sadly flooding that impacted us. We left our home Saturday, August 13, when water was starting to enter. There's quite a story there, one I'll have to write down eventually. But the end resort is that we spent one night in a shelter in a middle school gym and since then have been living with my mother-in-law and father-in-law.

By Wednesday, the waters had finally receded enough to where we were able to get back to the house where we discovered our home had taken in a couple of feet of water and both of our cars were flooded. We were lucky in some ways because most of our kitchen supplies and clothes were able to be salvaged. But so much else is gone, almost all of our books (and I'm sure you can imagine how many those were), toys, furniture, pillows, towels, board games, and so on and so on. I'm not sure when I'll be back with more updates since I'm having to type this out on my iPad (since both of our computers were also lost), but hopefully I'll be back soon with better news.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

18 Months Update

18 Months
Once again I'm writing this way later than I intended, although at the time I'm writing it you're still a day away from turning 20 months, so I guess I'm not technically late?
April 24
You had an 18 month doctor visit (which means no doctor visits for half a year until you turn 2!). You weighed 19 lbs (0.55%ile), were 30.71 inches (20%ile), and had a head circumference of 46 cm (33%ile). You're clothing and diaper size are the same as they've been. Although since I don't think I've mentioned it before, you are currently wearing size 4 shoes.
Eating with our new Minnie "poon"
May 4
You're talking up a storm. You know your body parts, even some of the more random ones like elbow, teeth, and hair. You know a ton of animals, either by their name or the noise they make. Or if you not sure what to call it, it's simply "an-mal." As for a few recent words, you've been saying help, trash, and dressed.
Mother's Day
May 8, Mother's Day
You still love books and want to read the same book over and over. Although lately before bed you insist on reading Patrick Eats His Dinner, which was one of my favorites when I was growing up.
May 29
You are obsessed with accessories and can say shoe, sock, bow, belt, and hat. Not shirt or pants, but you have the important ones down. Out of them all though shoes are your favorite. You love putting them on and taking them off, so much so that we've had to start hiding shoes from you.
June 3
You're still eating really well, somewhat surprising still since you're so tiny. You love broccoli and also have become obsessed with french fries. In general you'll eat whatever we give you, although you'll go through phases where certain vegetables, like carrots, you aren't willing to eat.
June 11, With Your godmother
It's crazy to think how you're becoming such a little person. But while I know you're becoming less and less of a baby, you'll still always be my tiny baby.
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